Open a Gmail Account: Step-by-Step Guide!

As Gmail continues to grow, it has become THE public-email of choice for many of us. In this article, I will show you how to register a Gmail account, then highlight the benefits your Gmail account offers, so you can easily link with other free services provided by Google. That way, you can take advantage of those free and paid tools to make your work and life more productive.

Starting this week, Google is rolling out a new, re-designed version of Gmail which will make it much more powerful than the last version which was last updated in 2011. That was 7 years ago—it’s about time, Google…or Alphabet! So, here are the best practices to opening a new Gmail account.

First, go to this page to sign up for a Gmail account. If you are on a desktop, laptop or tablet, you should see a screen similar to the one below. Fill out your information and remember to save your password in a secure location where you can easily find it later. If you want to see your password as you type it in (to make sure you enter the password correctly in both fields), click on that eye icon at the right. Then, click the blue Next button when you have filled out the form.

Create a Google Gmail Account


After that, it will take you to a screen similar to the one below where it prompts you to enter your phone number. I recommend you use your cell phone instead of your home phone number, because it will be more flexible for you later to verify your account when using your cell phone.

Open a Gmail Account


Entering your cell phone and clicking the Next button will take you to the screenshot below where you will enter an email address of another email account which you always have access to, so you can recover this Gmail account in case you forget the password. If you have a non-Gmail account (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), I would recommend using that account as your recovery email account.

For the Birth Date section, I recommend that you do not enter your real birth date. Instead, enter a birth date you would most likely remember. I don’t mean a family member’s birth date here. You can enter any date you like and remember—if you are 21 years old or older, you should select a year that makes you older than 21.

For Gender, I think it is fine to enter your true gender here and click Next.

Register a Gmail Account


Then, it will take you to the Privacy and Terms page shown below where you have to agree to Google’s terms in order to register a Gmail account.


Next, it will take you to the My Account page shown below where you can customize your account settings. At this page, one thing I would recommend you do first is to set up a 2-step authentication process to protect your Gmail account from troublesome hackers. Click on the text “Sign-in & Security” on the left, and it will take you to an inside page where you can set up your 2-step authentication.

Gmail Account


On the inside page shown below, scroll down about 1/3 of the way, and you will see the section on the bottom right “2-Step Verification” status shown as “Off.” Click on it to turn it On.


It will take you to the page shown below where you can click on the “Get Started” button to proceed.


Since this new version of Gmail emphasizes account security, it will ask you to login again with your recently created password. Well, go ahead and do that. You are almost done!

Login to your Gmail account


After you are logged back in, it will take you to the page shown below. Here you will begin to verify with the phone number you previously used to register your Gmail account. You can choose either way to verify your phone, but I prefer the “Text Message” option just in case you are at a noisy location where you might not be able to hear a phone message. So, just click Next.

Gmail 2-Step Verification


Google will text you a 6-digit code number which you enter in and click Next to verify.



Successful verification will take you to the screenshot below, where you then click on the Turn On button.


That will take you to a completion page which will look similar to the page below. And, now you are done. You have just created your Gmail account. Congratulations!

Next, you can go to PayPal and pay me for this helpful assistance…I’m just kidding! Say, if you find this page helpful, please share it with others on your social media pages. Thanks!


Bonus: There is another way to set up your authentication via an App, just in case your registered phone is offline. I would recommend this feature for those of us who work in fields that rely heavily on email as a communication and transaction tool.


Welcome to your new Gmail account! In the following, I will explain features within Gmail as well as other tools you can add with your Gmail account. That way, you can also leverage those tools to make your work and life even more productive. So, let’s started.

…To be continued!